Video Premiere: Oh Lonesome Ana – ‘Rushing Lattice’ (Live at Dream Cabin Sounds)

Sacramento, California indie group Oh Lonesome Ana are sharing a live music video for their new track, “Rushing Lattice,” and you can watch it right here at New Noise.

The new track and video come as the band prepare to share their debut full-length album, MEG/\DETH TEE, set for release July 15.

The spirit of the track and the new record is deeply personal and reflective, exploring the depths and memories of childhood. Singer/guitarist Evan Bailey adds that while the single and album explore childhood trauma, they also discuss “every experience you can carry with you,” whether it’s painful, joyous, or anything in between.

Artist David Mohr wrote the lyrics as long-form prose poetry, and the band worked to adapt his words into a shorter lyric form for the track.

The band chat more about the track:

“The lyrics for ‘Rushing Lattice’ were adapted from the poetry of our dear friend David Mohr. When David sent me the poem I connected to it immediately, and it was one of the more quickly written tunes on our new record. To me, the poem beautifully communicates the vulnerability of a child or a non-human animal when they’re forced into a new human environment. There’s so much that’s out of their control, and they can only hope that the people who are setting the rules are doing so out of love.”

The live video gives off familiar and cozy mid-2000s vibes and perfectly captures the spirit of Oh Lonesome Ana.

Watch the live video for “Rushing Lattice” here:

For more from Oh Lonesome Ana, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Kadi

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