Video Premiere: Olly E – ‘Connections’ (Lyric Video)

U.K. alt rock singer-songwriter Olly E is sharing his new lyric video, “Connections,” and you can catch it right here, premiering at New Noise.

Olly E considers himself an outsider, missing a sense of belonging, and that is clear in his lyrics. He seeks solace in songwriting, aiming to give hope through his music to those who feel lost or alone.

“Connections” addresses the need for us to come together and forget our differences in order to create a better world. It explores the idea that people can be brought up to hate through a need to fit in, when at the base of things, humans are wired to get along.

It carries a message that kindness forms the path forward, while division leads to ruin. “Ultimate” proposes a world where we united and save humanity from self-destruction.

Preorder the track here, and watch the lyric video for “Connections” below:

For more from Olly E, find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Photo courtesy of Olly E

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