Video Premiere: Orange Doors – ‘Tornado’

triIt’s time for your daily dose of weirdness. You probably shouldn’t be on mushrooms for this one. Or maybe you should be, I don’t know. It depends how freaked out you get on mushrooms.

Orange Doors are a self-described “psychedelic tuba grunge band.” If that sounds like a hard combination to imagine, you’re not alone, but you’ll find it to be an apt description as soon as you give them a listen. The band, which say that they’re made up of former marching band students, are known for their ’90s indie rock-style melodies and hooks that are influenced by the legendary Elephant 6 Collective. In fact, one of their earliest releases, Bean, their collection of home recordings from 2011-2014, contains not one but two covers of the most famous well-known Elephant 6 band, Neutral Milk Hotel. Steeped in that type of classic indie, the band put together some very unusual combinations of instruments, including french horn, baritone, trombone, and the aforementioned tuba.

Today, Orange Doors premiere the video for their latest single, “Tornado,” an opus of over seven-minutes long featuring some of the band’s Elephant 6 heroes. The band have this to say about the single:

“’Tornado’ our newest single is inspired by growing up and also the movie Gummo. It features clarinet played John Fernandez of Olivia Tremor Control. Also Trumpet by Brian Veysey of New Sounds of Numbers. Two Elephant 6 Recording Co. bands. It also features my dogs talking a lot.”

The animated music video, created by renowned visual artist and animator Arius Ziaee, is an abstract, psychedelic interpretation of a tornado with bizarre swirling images that come together to make a messy, ugly whole. That’s a perfect metaphor for the song with its gorgeous twee pop melodies paired with noisy distortion. Check out the trippy music video below.

Orange Doors are doing a tour of the continental US in February and March, including stops at The New Colossus Festival in New York City and the iconic venue 924 Gilman St. in Berkley, California. “We like to rock. Come see us on tour,” say the band. Check out their complete list of tour dates below.

Orange Doors tour dates

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