Video Premiere: Pale Shade – ‘Labyrinth’

Shoegaze/slowcore group Pale Shade are sharing their new song and music video “Labyrinth,” produced by independent film collective 10 Seconds to Comply.

Watch the video here:

Andrew Bonazelli of video production group 10 Seconds to Comply shares his thoughts:

“I haven’t heard every band in New Jersey that coalesces shoegaze, slowcore, dream-pop, and pedal worship into a forever-plummeting cinder block of gloom, but these guys are probably at least in the Top 25.

“In all (comparative) seriousness, it’s easy for bands to copy-paste Loveless and Souvlaki, hit enter, reap critical acclaim; Pale Shade are doing something different, subtler, heavier, weirder, purer. They’re a full-album absorption kind of band, but this ain’t The Eras Tour, so we could only afford to pick one song to briefly summate their abilities. I thought “Labyrinth”—with its blissful harmonies, heart-racing chorus, rare foray into harsh vocals, and stunning mid-song 180—fit the bill as a logical entry point, and wrote a treatment reflecting how it made me feel. Manny and Ken captured and elevated that sensation beautifully.”

Pale Shade are comprised of lifelong friends from Philadelphia and South Jersey. The band have been known to bring intense atmosphere in their live shows, with their mantra being “Pretty Slow, Really Loud.” So far, Pale Shade have released two LPs: Songs for Disappearing and Darker Days. Both the albums made a long-lasting impact on the critics and fans alike. Andrew Bonazelli of the video production group “10 Seconds to Comply” caught the band live and decided to portray their sound visually. Thus the new music video came to life.

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Photo courtesy of Pale Shade

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