Video Premiere: Panther Style – ‘Dynasty’

Chicago rockers Panther Style go back 19 years and were originally brought together over a love of bands ranging from New Order to U2 to The Cult to Van Halen.

The band are made up of members of Mary Tyler Morphine, Dyslexic Apaches, Siderunners, and Reptoids, but have made a name all their own in the Chicago scene. They’re gearing up for the release of their new EP Dynasty on May 10 via Triple Helix Record Co., with the exciting new record having been engineered by Greg Norman of Electrical Audio and mixed by Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist.

Today, the band are debuting the video for their first single in over 13 years, the title track from the new EP Dynasty. “Dynasty” presents Panther Style as a sleek and sexy shoegaze band mixed with a groove-heavy funk rock band, like Garbage meets Jane’s Addiction.

“’Dynasty’ made me feel that frustration of how the world currently works that could lead us to our dooms,” explains drummer Dan Lutger, “but yet maybe we can all wake up and see we’re heading towards the cliff and recover. I was thinking about how in every election for both sides, we’re told ‘But wait, I’m different, and I’m going to solve all these problems!’ And no matter who wins, nothing improves; no promises are kept. It’s always the same thing every cycle, and breaking free of that cycle depends on us recognizing how broken the system currently is, and how both sides are being misled, as opposed to blaming the other side. We need to start looking at this problem as a systemic one at a higher level.”

Vocalist and bassist Jeanne McClure concurs, adding, “I totally agree with the dystopian themes with a tag of hope. I was going through a lot of different emotions while working on the music and writing the lyrics. The idea of safe environments vs chaotic ones and how to best navigate between the two really influenced the way the track was pieced together. In the end, I wanted to embrace the clear-cut definition between what is truth and what is fact.  Truth can include facts, but also beliefs. Life in general is much more manageable when you’re relying on information that’s indisputable. That became my takeaway from Dynasty.”

The video, which was directed and Produced by Yeva Dashevsky and awarded an honorable mention at the 2024 Prague International Music Video Awards, sees a blend of acting and interpretive dance to tell an abstract story rife with evocative imagery. Check out the video below.

To celebrate Dynasty when it releases next month, Panther Style will be playing on Saturday, May 11 at the Live Wire Lounge in Chicago, IL. alongside Sun Volume and Moon Machine. Follow Panther Style on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Miccoli

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