Video Premiere: PluggdUpShawty feat. Shayley Bourget – ‘Inner Demon’

LA-based artist PluggdUpShawty merges her hip-hop sound with heavier influences on her new single and video, “Inner Demon.” Check it out, premiering right here at New Noise.

PluggdUpShawty, or Erika Kay, was born in a small Nebraska town and raised in Texas. Following her tough upbringing in a group home and selling drugs, she overcame her trials through her love of music and desire to travel the world, eventually settling in Los Angeles.

The new track leans a bit more on a hard rock sound, with PluggdUpShawty enlisting the help of Shayley Bourget of Dayshell and formerly, Of Mice & Men for production. The track explores themes around letting one’s internal darkness take over.

PluggdUpShawty opens up about the new track:

“When you become so consumed with materialistic satisfaction, you slowly start to sink into a void. You become consumed by your dark desires, and your inner demon takes over, and you no longer recognize yourself. You start to forget that true joy comes from the lives we change.”

Watch the video for “Inner Demon” here:

For more from PluggdUpShawty, find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of PluggdUpShawty

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