Video Premiere: Plutocracy Planet – ‘War’

Plutocracy Planet are sharing their new song and music video “War,” which features Rody Walker of Protest The Hero. The song is a System of a Down Cover, and it is from their upcoming self-titled album which is releasing tomorrow.

Watch the video here:

Band leader Scott Morrow shares his thoughts:

“This System of a Down song is an evergreen reminder that today’s war crimes set the stage for tomorrow’s. Ordinary people do not want war, and yet it is interwoven with the human condition. We’re tribalistic, but it often takes extravagant lies and manipulations, echoed by corporate or state-controlled media, to foment support for war.

I worry that the rush among powerful nations to use AI for warfare will expedite the next global conflict. In the wrong hands, these new technologies could threaten freedom worldwide. Fascism is on the rise not only in the U.S. but in other democracies, and I hope that this democratic experiment—as flawed as it is—doesn’t become just a footnote in history.”

Preorder the self-titled debut album here.

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Photo courtesy of Plutocracy Planet

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