Video Premiere: Pohgoh – ‘Weeds’

Pohgoh shares the video for “Weeds,” from their du und ich LP, which saw release via Spartan Records on November 4. Check it out below.

Susie Ulrey shares her thoughts about the song and video:

“After my diagnosis one year into our marriage, Keith and I became an ‘us against the world’ kind of couple. We’ve been in the weeds together since 2001, ducking every curveball ms throws at us. ‘Weeds’ is about living with illness and loss and the uncertainty that the pandemic brought into all of our lives. It’s about how we were all locked down with our families with that strange combination of reconnection, tedium, and the unknowns that we were faced with. It’s also about the people we love that are grieving, too, and how grief doesn’t ever really go away. You have to make space for it and carry it with you.

“The ending reintroduced a part from a song I wrote in 1997 about my mom’s diagnosis of ms. We’re all singing together in an attempt to reassure ourselves that we can hold on.

“With the video, we wanted to include some of those moments of lockdown with our families, highlighting the boredom and the monotony and cabin fever that masked the rumble of dread we were all feeling.”

Formed in 1994, Pohgoh cut their teeth in the ’90’s DIY/indie underground with a small league of bands of the era like Rainer Maria and Jejune, only to hang it up three years later, leaving behind a sole, posthumous full-length, In Memory of Bab. That album traveled far and wide, however, along with a spate of singles and comp appearances, creating pockets of rabid fans worldwide and engendering a small handful of one-off gigs for Susie Ulrey (vocals/guitar), Matt Slate (guitar), Keith Ulrey (drums), and new bassist Brian Roberts (of Hankshaw) before the foursome settled back in for the long haul in 2016.

The song is from the band’s du und ich which will be released on November 4 via Spartan Records and was mixed by J. Robbins.

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Photo courtesy of Dave Decker

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