Video Premiere: Rare Hearts – ‘Driving Me Insane’

LA’s Rare Hearts bring their new song and music video “Driving Me Insane,” off of their upcoming, debut EP. The EP will be out this year on My Grito Industries. Rare Hearts is the new alt-rock project of Mexican-American singer songwriter and guitarist Joe Rojas. The video of “Driving Me Insane” features the artist himself, and it shows how a person feels imprisoned in his personal hell after a breakup that was never meant to happen.

Watch the video here:

Joe Rojas shares his thoughts:

“’Driving Me Insane’ was a fun song to record considering it’s so much different stylistically than the original acoustic version. We decided we’d take a more modern/electronic Billy Illish kind of approach mixed with some rock vibes on this track.  The diversity and range of sounds for each song on this upcoming EP has to be my favorite part of all the tunes coming out this year, with ‘Driving Me Insane’ being the most experimental one of the bunch.

“‘Driving Me Insane’ is a perspective song on relationships building up  and exploding from toxic tendencies such as poor communication, pride, narcissism, possessiveness, and self destruction, ending with the sudden twist in style in the end to signify the ultimate change at the very end before a relationship ends.

“Jay Braley from Greys Multimedia helped me shoot the music video, this being the third one within a year. Out of all them so far this was the most simple shoot yet. We decided to go with a run-and-gun approach and I’ve got to say, it was a lot of fun! We picked a cool spot behind the old la zoo in Griffith park. Fun fact! We went at, like, 6a m. .in the morning to start setting up for the shoot, and it was freezing but so worth it!”

Rare Hearts

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Photo courtesy of Jay Braley

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