Video Premiere: Real Sickies – ‘Scammy’

Alberta, Canada-based rock band Real Sickies are sharing their newest video, “Scammy,” from their new EP, Danny, It’s Not Your Birthday. Look no further: You can check out the new video right here at New Noise.

The band describe themselves as “old school rock in the vein of Teenage Head and The Ramones.” Coming off their 2021 album, Love Is For Lovers, the band have shared their new three-song EP, a concise and energetic collection full of rock jams with pop sensibility and endlessly infectious melodies.

The idea for the EP originated from a request to write a birthday song for a kid’s birthday.

“I liked the idea and thought it would be fun,” vocalist Ben Disaster says. “We will only write not this kid’s birthday song but a song for all of his birthdays. That’s the idea right? I mean this guy wanted to pay us $500 to write a song for a 6-year-old. That’s way too much for a 6-year-old, but hey, support the arts in a time of need.”

After getting a message that there was a problem with the father’s account and they wouldn’t be able to send the money until after the initially planned date, Disaster did some digging and found out that it was a scam, which inspired the track, “Scammy.”

“The scam is always the same, which is normal,” Disaster says. “But this scam targets mostly singer songwriters and now bands. Someone asks for a song and gives a big heartfelt story. They over deposit money and when you send the remainder, their cheque bounces. Then you are left with the debt of what you sent them plus the bank fees. It’s crazy to me. And around Christmas too.”

Watch the video for “Scammy” here:

For more from Real Sickies, find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Real Sickies

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