Video Premiere: Rubber Band Gun – ‘Cashes Out’

Rubber Band Gun—the project of producer, engineer, and multi-talented performer, Kevin Basko—are presenting their latest full-length LP, Cashes Out, through Earth Libraries.

Watch the full album video for Cashes Out below:

Kevin Basko released more albums in 2019 than most artists do in their entire careers. The New Jersey indie rocker released handfuls of records in the first seven years under the moniker Rubber Band Gun—not to mention producing, engineering, and performing with everyone from Eric Slick to the Lemon Twigs.

When Basko’s friend and collaborator Jonathan Rado of Foxygen quipped that he should release 25 albums in a single year, the Rubber Band Gun 25 sprang to life. And at the heart of that diverse collection of records is Cashes Out, a record that not only stands as the first vinyl release for the project but also showcases the dazzling and dizzying heights that Rubber Band Gun psych-tinged bedroom rock can reach.

On the release of his new LP and its accompanying video, Basko states:

“From the start of recording Cashes Out, I wanted a unique visual talent to accompany the sounds we were making. Ben Montez has an incredible eye and ear for collaboration, and he really brought the Vegas dream to life. With a combination of found stock footage, intimate practical shots, and absurd animation, he has built a neon world and story around the themes and characters explored in this record.

Each song/video can live in its own world and feel coherent on its own, but when played together as a whole, Ben has created a film that pushes those boundaries and shows the viewer a side of RBG that they’ve never seen before.”

Purchase and stream Cashes Out here.

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