Video Premiere: Sadlands – ‘McClellan’

Brooklyn/Queens-based band Sadlands are made up of members of Answering Machine, Choke Up, and Ellen and the Degenerates, creating a unique blend of jangle pop, grunge, pop-punk, alt-rock, and folk. Last September, they released their debut, self-titled EP which was produced by The Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf.

Today, the band are debuting the video for one of the songs off their recent EP called “McClellan.” It’s an infectiously jangly pop tune with a sense of immediacy and warmth, full of hooks and beautiful melodies from the dueling vocals of Samantha Campanile and Jess Lane. The video sees the band members spending their day joined at the hip, or, more accurately, joined at their giant sweater.

“Our friend Elena Barrio asked if she could film a music video of us doing everyday things while wearing one gigantic sweater,” explain the band, “and we loved the idea! So Sam gathered up a bunch of yarn and crocheted a massive sweater with four neck holes. It was super silly, and we turned a lot of heads filming around Astoria. R.I.P. to Louis’s mustache; may its memory live on through the McClellan music video.”

Check out the video below:

You can order the Sadlands EP from Bandcamp. Follow Sadlands on Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Sadlands

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