Video Premiere: Secret Gardens – ‘Wildflower & I’ (Guitar Playthrough)

Post-rock multi-instrumentalist and producer Secret Gardens (Greg Almeida) is releasing his new guitar playthrough video for the single “Wildflower & I,” and you can check it out here at New Noise.

The track is from the record everbloom, one of Almeida’s most acclaimed releases thus far, and the new video fully displays the artist’s technical prowess and instrumental expertise.

The record stands apart from Almeida’s previous two LPs. everbloom instead leans heavily into collaboration, boasting assistance in the rhythm section from drummer Joseph Arrington and vocalist Andrew Wells.

Almeida chats more about the new track and video:

“The sentimental nature of ‘Wildflower & I’ was my main inspiration for making this video happen,” he says. “This is one I really adore playing live and see as an accomplishment, because the goal was to communicate the delicate emotions of love, admiration, and loyalty, something that I always find hardest to convey in music, and still come across genuinely.”

He continues, “When writing this song I found it challenging to get right at first but I’m an artist who is constantly inspired by nature and its subtle miracles—fresh spring flowers and the season in general eventually became my medium for this emotion. The wonderful folks at Briggs Nursery in North Attleboro, Massachusetts were incredibly accommodating and so helpful in the effort to make this happen—They let us come in their space in the early hours to get this video done, which was masterfully done by Holly Turner. I couldn’t be more proud of the end result.”

Watch the guitar playthrough for “Wildflower & I” here:

For more from Secret Gardens, find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Secret Gardens

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