Video Premiere: Semi-Famous – ‘Weasels in a Box’

From the mind of Screeching Weasel founding member and former guitarist John Jughead comes his fictional band come to life, Semi-Famous. They were originally the band from Jughead’s 2001 semi-autobiographical novel Weasels in a Box which danced on the line between fiction and reality as it told the story of a band that’s eerily similar to the real-life history of Screeching Weasel.

Now, over two decades later, the book is finally seeing a release on paperback and audiobook, while Jughead is releasing an album called Destroy Ourselves by the formerly fictional band. Helping bring Semi-Famous to life are some pop-punk heavy hitters including Ryan Rockwell (Mixtapes), singer/guitarist Billy Brown (Crash and Burn, Ashers, Unseen), drummer Tyson Cornell (Scooby Don’t), and vocalist/guitarist Poli van Dam (Bombpops, The Poli van Dam Band).

“The intention from the beginning was to take the fictional band of Semi-Famous out of my book Weasels In A Box and to record some songs under that name for the audiobook release,” explains Jughead about the project. “We had so much fun writing in a form that most of us had not been engaging in for years, so we decided to write more. But the thing that happened is, even though still influenced by Screeching Weasel, the songs took on their own life.

“I have high regard for the songs written by Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid, and I have always stayed away from trying to sound like them. I don’t have the vocal talent of Vapid, or the humorous darkness of Ben, so it made sense that Ryan and my emulation of that time period would sound different from the originals. Semi-Famous’ music will continue to be inspired by that music and the music’s multiple time periods but, especially with the writing of Poli van Dam and inspiration of Billy Brown, our sound will continue to grow in exciting new directions.”

The first video from the new album is for the brief teaser single “Weasels in a Box.” A brief burst of powerful pop-punk energy with a powerful melody and gorgeous vocal harmonies, it promises an exciting album to follow. Check out the video below.

Destroy Ourselves is out July 26 and you can pre-order it from Rare Bird.

Photo courtesy of Semi-Famous

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