Video Premiere: Small Doses – ‘New Job’

Small Doses is pro-equity, pro-equality, pro-diversity, pro-LGBTQIA+, and pro-union. If you take issue with any of these ideas, this is not the band for you,” say the Asheville, North Carolina post  hardcore band Small Doses defiantly. They are a band that absolutely do not mess around.

Started in 2022 under the name Fourandahalf, Small Doses are the reunion of high school bandmates Matt Aycock and John Polydoros who have previously played together in bands like the ska group Dawn of the Dude and the melodic hardcore band Off With Their Heads. Rounded out by Crystal Kelly, the bassist of Zombie Queen and the Rory Kelly Band, the trio are fierce and powerful.

Today, Small Doses are debuting their video for their latest single “New Job,” off their self-titled EP that they released last week on Let’s Pretend Records. With echoes of Fugazi and At the Drive-In, “New Job” is noisy and loud post hardcore with a healthy dose of bass groove and just enough pop to make it accessible. The visceral music video by Workhorse Media features the band members in blindfolds interspersed with found footage of labor protests in a stunning visual montage. Check out the explosive video below.

You can order the self-titled EP from Let’s Pretend Records. Follow Small Doses on Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Small Doses 

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