Video Premiere: Softspoken – ‘Alone’

Five-piece rock/metal band Softspoken are sharing their new song and music video “Alone,” in which they incorporate a heavier metalcore sound.

Watch the video here:

Vocalist Sam Scheuer shares his thoughts:

“The original idea for “Alone” was inspired by the survival/reality TV show of the same name.

I love the show, and as I watched it I would see how people would jump into this opportunity to win fame or money.

They’d leave behind everyone and everything they know, confident they have the skills to win… only to find out that it’s not the physical aspect of surviving that’s so hard, but the mental and emotional aspect of being alone.

These contestants will have film crews not too far away, and thousands if not millions of people watching… but still be alone.

The more I thought about that, the more it resonated with me.

My biggest enemy, the biggest challenge I have to overcome each day, is my own headspace. Even when I’m surrounded by people, it’s still just me alone inside my own head.

That space can be so clouded sometimes that I can lose my sense of self and detach from the world.

It’s like a wilderness that I have to survive in – facing negative thoughts so that I can get through the dark forest and into the light… into a good mindset.

Sometimes I can do that by myself, but sometimes I need someone… anyone to shoot a flare up for me; to catch my eye and pull me out of my own headspace.

One of the most important things I’ve come to learn is that there’s nothing wrong with depending on yourself, but it’s so important to ask for help when you feel like you’re sinking.”


According to the press release:

Softspoken is a five-piece band from the Greater Cincinnati, OH region, founded on the idea of being true to yourself, and not letting someone else determine your own self-worth. Blending elements of post-hardcore, metalcore, and hard alternative rock, they create a crafty mix of instrumentation and vocals that are as heavy-hitting as they are delicate – offering a fresh and dynamic take for the alternative music scene.

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Photo courtesy of Softspoken

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