Video Premiere: Suzie Chism – ‘I Get Down’

Artist Suzie Chism is sharing her new song and music video “I Get Down,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the video here:

Suzie Chism shares her thoughts:

“I wrote ‘I Get Down’ in Los Angeles traffic a few years ago, after my ex left me and I was struggling to find somewhere (else) to live; I was so deeply lonely. I remember sitting in my Buick on the 10 when our landlord called me to tell me that (my ex) had emailed him looking for loopholes to kick me off the lease. I just felt so low; someone who once loved me and was my very best friend now found me disposable? I mean, how low can you go? It was one of those easy, instantaneous writes, but I was on antidepressants, and the melody sounded too happy, not like me. I decided to quit them immediately and, once I tapered off the meds, I gave the melody a makeover. It’s been a kickass part of my live set since then, and I am proud and anxious to share it.”

Suzie Chism is thrilled to release the rock single “I Get Down” ahead of her new album, Pobrecita, produced by Suzie Chism and co-produced and mixed by Zack Pancoast (Kacey Musgraves, Karen Elson). According to Suzie, the song, which features Fred Eltringham (Sheryl Crow, Kurt Vile) on drums and Timothy Deaux (The Whigs, Kings of Leon, Grace Potter) on bass, Suzie says, is a “party anthem for sad girls.

“Although there are times when facing your pain is necessary, sometimes you have to get out and distract yourself to survive a low. Sonically, I tried to maintain that sense of mania using ballistic guitar riffs/vocal textures, and hired hard hitters on rhythm to drive it home.”

Like most of her non-genre, sophomoric album to follow, “I Get Down” was mastered by Brian Newell (Lucky Cat Mastering). The album, out November 11, will be celebrated tonight at Vinyl Tap in Nashville, TN with a live show and listening party.

Preorder Pobrecita here.

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Photo courtesy of Suzie Chism

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