Video Premiere: The Lowcocks – ‘Doo WAP’

Femme-fronted aggression gets a retro sheen in the new video “Doo WAP” from Detroit four-piece The Lowcocks. Delivering brutal punk power with a sly nod to 1950s nostalgia, the standout track comes to us off the band’s forthcoming album, Contenders, out October 10.

“Lots of people have lots of feelings about other peoples’ sex lives, especially adults about teenagers, and as long as folks are making their own choices without harm or coercion, it’s really nobody’s business,” says vocalist Annie Oakley. “And the WAP in the title? Self-explanatory. We love a pun. Thanks, Cardi!

Joined by guitarist Ryan Lowcock, bass player Nick Phlegar, and drummer Zac Attac, The Lowcocks are known for explosive, high-energy shows and songs that dare to take a stance. Ferndale-based Valentine Distilling serves as apt settings for the Doo WAP video.

“For the video, we wanted to do something that had this fun classic feel and lean heavily into the ‘doo wop’ motif,” says guitarist Ryan Lowcock. “Our local distillery had the look to match.”

The Midwest band’s range of punk rock influences, maturity, and musical prowess make for a powerhouse sophomore effort.

Penned under the long shadow of the pandemic, Contender transforms frustration, fear, and uncertainty into an anthemic salve. Recorded with David Miseveth at Oxide Audio in Roseville, MI, the band has doubled down on their musical chops, signature sneering vitriol, and snappy social commentary. The result is stunning: a combination of intricate guitar lines, whip-fast base, and manic drums, all overlaid with furious, driving melodies and infectious hooks.

“The new album, for me, is a culmination of everything we went through individually and as a group during the pandemic. It’s all the pent up  anxiety, depression, and anger we dealt with. The world just felt tense all the time with that occasional little slice of normalcy and nostalgia,” Ryan added.

The “Doo WAP” video was filmed and produced by The Irishman Video Production.

Preorder “Contender” on vinyl here.

CDs will be available this month from the band’s Bandcamp page and a Detroit area release show is forthcoming.

Photo courtesy of Monica Hemenway

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