Video Premiere: The Luka State – ‘Bring Us Down’

U.K.-based band The Luka State are sharing their new music video, “Bring Us Down,” and you can check it out premiering right here at New Noise.

The band—Conrad Ellis (voice, guitar), Sam Bell (bass, voice), Jake Barnabas (drums), and Lewis Pusey (guitars)—hail from the small town of Winsford in Cheshire, famously halfway between Liverpool and Manchester. They cite that every kid in town wanted to be either a sports star or a musician as soon as they learned they had the knack, and The Luka State ultimately embraced music.

The Luka State look to tell stories with their music, and their real life chemistry and natural camaraderie shine abundantly through their discography.

The band chat a bit more about the attitude they bring to their music:

“Anyone who stands out in small towns like ours, anyone who wants more for themselves, more than this, they attract a lot of negativity. I think thats something a lot of people can identify with. We’re about the ones who are trying to pick each other up, not drag each other down.”

They also dive a bit deeper into their inspirations surrounding the new track:

“This song is about putting haters in their place and doing it your own way. Something I think every growing band has to deal with. Being in a rock band is like rolling the dice every day and trying to win the lottery. It ain’t easy.”

Watch the video for “Bring Us Down” here:

For more from The Luka State, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Rob Blackham

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