Video Premiere: The Phase Problem – ‘Flying Saucer UFO’

Songwriter, guitarist, and founding member of Squirtgun, Flav Giorgini, is back. If you don’t remember Squirtgun’s “Social” as the song that opened Kevin Smith’s brilliant 1995 comedy Mallrats then we can’t be friends anymore. Okay, well, we can be, but you’re on thin ice. Alongside Girogini are bandmates John Bonnar (Haiver, P*ss Bath, ex-Paws), Alex Keane (Roach Squad, ex-Murderburgers, ex-City Mouse) and special guest Fraser Mudderbang (Wrong Life, Murderburgers, Bike Notes). This new unit, called The Phase Problem, put out their self-titled album in 2023 and are already following that up with their sophomore album The Power of Positive Thinking April 15. Today they’re debuting the lead single off the album “Flying Saucer UFO.”

“We are super excited to have the video for ‘Flying Saucer UFO’ unleashed on the unsuspecting public,’ says Giorgini. “Our buddy Edd Stockton directed and animated the video, and he did an amazing job! ‘Flying Saucer UFO’ is the lead single for our new album, and gives a nice glimpse into the new batch of tunes.”

The song finds itself deeply indebted to classic ’50s pop by way of the Ramones. It’s an infectiously catchy bop that pairs perfectly with the cute and quirky claymation video that makes for one of the most delightful pop-punk experiences you’ll have in a while. Check out the video below.

You can pre-order The Power of Positive Thinking here. Follow The Phase Problem on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with future updates.

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