Video Premiere: TV’s Daniel – ‘Face Down In The Ditch (Of Love)’

TV’s Daniel are sharing their new song and music video “Face Down In The Ditch (Of Love),” off of their debut album Never Change, which will be out via Wild Honey Records on September 1, 2023. The video is directed and edited by Daniel Fried himself. TV’s Daniel originated in Austin, Texas in 2017. The band formed with the aim to quench the thirst of the punk followers in the city. Daniel Fried has previously played in band such as Bad Sports, Radioactivity, and VIDEO.

Watch the video here:

Daniel shares his thoughts about the song:

“’Face Down In The Ditch (Of Love)’ was the first song I ever wrote for TV’s Daniel. Back in 2013, before the world imploded and built itself back again. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could write a good song using only one chord. Part of the impetus of starting a solo band is having a project where no one can tell you “no”. So, I tried to mix as many influences as I can into the song and filter them through my brain and years of playing in other bands. Foggy Notion meets early Psychedelic Furs, with some great guitar work by Jason Smith, reminiscent of the Soft Boys and Television. Not bad for one chord. Lyrically, the song is about readying yourself to be open for love. Not getting hung up inside your head and being able to appreciate what’s in front of you, or what’s sneaking up behind you.”

Daniel shares his thoughts about the video:

“I always envisioned the music video for this song exactly how it turned out. One chord needs one continuous shot. Taking influence from early French and Japanese punk music videos as well as fake BBC ‘live’ TV performances, the video for this song had to showcase the band’s personality and feature a greatest hits of moves from the TV’s Daniel live experience. It also showcases how sweaty a typical TVD gig can get. With camera work from the album’s producer, Chico Jones, we were able to film a swirling mess of a performance to capture the disorienting feeling that falling in love can sometimes be.”

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Photo courtesy of TV’s Daniel

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