Video Premiere: Vittra – ‘Halls of Ancients’

Swedish melodic blackened death/thrash unit Vittra are sharing their new song and music video “Halls of Ancients,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the video here:

Guitarist Johan Murmester shares his thoughts:

“‘Halls of Ancients’ is a mix of groovy and Melodic Death Metal, as in Soilwork meets Hypocrisy and old In Flames. The melodic verse has been with me for quite a number of years, influenced by the Inspector Gadget theme with a Soilwork touch to it.

“While the pre-chorus is the result of excessively listening to Megadeth, it is rooted in the central idea of how I wanted our songs to be experienced in a live setting: When I saw In Flames live a long time ago, they really got the audience going—I wanted to recreate that feel and get that vibe and experience for us as well!”


Vittra will unleash their debut full-length, Blasphemy Blues, on November 11. Order Blasphemy Blues here.

Vittra lineup:

Alex Smith – drums
David Döragrip – vocals
Gustav Svensson – bass
Johan Murmester – guitar
Lars Elofsson – guitar (live)

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Photo courtesy of Vittra

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