Video Premiere: Vixen77 – ‘Record Store’

Philadelphia punk rock group Vixen77 are sharing their new track and video, “Record Store,” and you can check it out premiering right here at New Noise.

Caitlin, the band’s guitarist, is the mastermind behind Vixen77. She dreamed of playing in an all-woman rock band since high school, traversing the Philly punk scene for a number of years before she decided to make her dream reality. She formed Vixen77 in 2018, a five-piece all-women band, with the name in reference to the energy of women and the musical influence of late-’70s punk.

They chase the feeling of shredding hardcore, crossing that 100mph line, embracing the “punch in the face” that music can provide and the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll. Word quickly spread about Vixen77’s catchy songs and intense live shows, and a few short months after formation, the band were opening for Cherie Currie of The Runaways and Brie Darling of Fanny. After releasing their first EP, it quickly made the rounds around town and saw airplay on Philly stations like WXPN and WMMR.

Just like many other groups, the band faced a paused with the pandemic, reemerging from the turmoil with a couple of lineup changes, a collection of new songs, and more focus and energy than ever before. Caitlin, bassist Jaz, and guitarist Liz are now joined by Sarah Novack on drums and Samantha Joan on vocals.

They returned to the stage in January 2022, and Vixen77 already have a new album in store, set for release in October of this year. They released their first single, “Your Love,” in June, and are now eager to share their next offering.

Vixen77 chat more about the new track:

“‘Record Store’ is about when you first start dating in high school, making mixtapes for each other. You find someone who loves music as much as you do. You spend hours upon hours making tapes for each other, talking about music, playing guitar. After you split, his next girlfriend only loves top 40–That bothers you because, how can he even stand being with her with that musical taste? What conversations can they possibly be having?

“If you break up with someone, at the very least I hope you got a couple of new bands to listen to. That’s what ‘Record Store’ always comes back to—is loving music.”

Watch the video for “Record Store” here:

For more from Vixen77, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Vixen77

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