Video Premiere: Vorst – ‘Born in Black’

Black metal maniacs Vorst are sharing their new song “Born in Black,” accompanied with a lyric video. Vorst was formed in 2019, to explore themes such as satan, earth, and global issues through their music. Their upcoming full length Burn the Priest to be unleashed on earth on June 1st, 2023.

Watch the video here:

The band share their thoughts:

“‘Born in Black’ is the anthem we needed as teenagers and the motto we’ve held in our hearts that makes us Metal Heads. We Stand Tall Never To Fall!”

According to the press release:

On a blistering cold night, high in the icy mountains of Scandinavia, a troll by the name of Hellfrost was awakened. Hearing his earth was in ruins from mankind’s careless ways, he knew what he had to do. He grabbed his axe and down the mountain he climbed. As Hellfrost climbed down the mountain he came upon the Convent of the Soulless. Where he met Sister Sabbatha, the Unholiest of Nuns and she joined in Hellfrost’s mission. Together they decided to venture to hell to find a thunderous roar to help carry their message.  Hell just happened to actually be Texas, where they found that roar. They heard that mighty roar and found it came from a demon that was clawing his way out of hell to conquer the world.That demon’s name was “Nali of the Dead”. They knew the mission was just beginning and one more piece was needed to complete their horde. Just then they heard the cries of war and a mighty god of gods was found carrying the beat of a thousand blackened hearts. This God’s name was Brutual Knight. At this point the Horde was completed and together like the horsemen of the apocalypse they rode on crushing all in their path with their mighty sound.

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Photo courtesy of Vorst

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