Video Premiere: Wanderer – ‘Slow Death Of The Crowned Head’

Minneapolis, Minnesota metallic hardcore group Wanderer will be independently releasing their new five-track EP, Indulgence Of The Unreal, on February 24. New Noise are proud to present the band’s newest video for “Slow Death Of The Crowned Head,” the second single off of the upcoming release which shows an in-studio view of the band performing the track.

Having really proven their ability to create a collection of brutal-natured hardcore tracks with a powerful sense of existential gloom on their last LP, Liberation From A Brutalist Existence, Wanderer continue their hot-streak on the latest, guiding listeners through a whirlwind of heavy-toned, grinding soundscapes.

Of the new single, guitarist and vocalist Brent Ericson says: “‘Slow Death of the Crowned Head’ is a song that exemplifies what we do best as a band while pushing our sound into new territories. The off-kilter passages, crushing riffs, and shifting dynamics of our music are enhanced up by electronics, clean vocals, and unique structural elements. The lyrics were written by vocalist Dan Lee, detailing a ruler slowly dying from an infection in an allegory for the danger of hubris and ego. Sonically, this song is a perfect mash-up of our genre descriptors ‘remedial mathcore’ and ‘brutal hardcore’.”

Wanderer is Dan Lee on vocals, Mano Holgin on drums, Jack Carlson on bass and vocals, and Brent Ericson on guitar and vocals.

Indulgence Of The Unreal tracklist:

1. Pure Human Despair
2. Slow Death of the Crowned Head
3. Vivisection of Consciousness
4. Hatred
5. When We Stopped Asking Why

Upcoming Wanderer tour dates:

2/24 Kansas City at Farewell Cafe*
2/25 Minneapolis at Mortimers*
2/26 Madison at BarleyPop Live*
2/27 Chicago at Beat Kitchen*
2/28 Cincinnati at DSGN Collective*
3/1 Atlanta at 529#!
3/2 Birmingham at The Hatch#!
3/3 Nashville at Drkmttr#
3/4 St. Louis at Sinkhole

* – w/Thin & The Wind In The Trees
# – w/Malevich
! – w/Heel Turn

Watch the video for “Slow Death Of The Crowned Head” by Wanderer here:

Purchase Indulgence Of The Unreal on cassette here, and follow Wanderer here.

Photo courtesy of Brett Rosiejka

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