Video Premiere: Waterfront – ‘Numb the Pain’

Waterfront are sharing their new song and music video “Numb the Pain,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the video here:

The band share their thoughts:

“Fever Dream is where we’ve unloaded all of the experiences and uncertainties  we shared and grew from over the past couple of crazy years. We are a young band and still young people. We make mistakes and learn from them but adding in the pandemic during these formative years threw us a few curve balls. Bringing that into this sophomore release for us brought up many feelings of joy, celebration, and slight insanity.

“We tackled handling and discussing each of our vices and came to trust each other for support while being apart. Companionship amongst ourselves as friends and with our partners became the heart of this project. We missed out on a lot. We missed our friends. This project bridged the many gaps we found in our lives. ‘Fever Dream’ is this lonely journey of finding your way to new and old paths despite the wild ride.”

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Photo courtesy of Waterfront

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