Video Premiere: Wes Hoffman and Friends – ‘Paper Hearts’

St. Louis, Missouri punk enthusiasts Wes Hoffman and Friends have been rocking out together since 2017, but it was the pandemic that finally gave them the chance to sit down and start writing an album. In 2020, Hoffman started writing the band’s debut EP, Rewrite the Story, a five-song banger harkening back to early-2000s pop-punk. Now the band are back with their first LP, How It Should Be, dropping on February 23 on Jump Start Records.

Today, the band are premiering the lyric video for their final single off the upcoming album called “Paper Hearts.” The song is an emo anthem about saying goodbye driven by classic emo melodies and a furious drumbeat that’s punctuated by glorious drum fills. If you’re feeling lonely and longing for someone you wish you could talk to again—and who isn’t feeling that way around Valentines Day—you’ll want to check out this gorgeous emo tune.

Says Hoffman about the single:

“’Paper Hearts’ is one of my favorite songs on the album and definitely a stand out track. The song is about getting closure on a relationship or friendship that has ended. It’s somewhat of a letter to the person, telling them your thoughts on how things went south. You’re cutting up paper hearts and putting them in the letter to finally end that chapter of the story.

“Musically, it’s a fun yet melancholy song with a catch chorus. It’s a little more on the emo side for us. We added some extra accents in the interlude with percussion and keys. It’s become our favorite song to play live too.

“The song’s opening line ‘this is how it should be,’ is the inspiration for the album title.”

Check out the lyric video below.

Preorders of the album aren’t up yet, but you can be notified when they are by checking out the Jump Start Records website. Follow Wes Hoffman and Friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

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