Video Premiere: Wildheart – ‘Death Is All That’s Left’

Brisbane metalcore outfit Wildheart are sharing their new song and music video “Death Is All That’s Left.” The new song is another milestone that solidifies their career. The song deals with the opposition to discrimination and racial inequality.

Watch the video here:

The song showcases the ongoing issue of the First Nation’s voices not being heard, even after the no-vote. Frontman Axel Best says:

“As long as this continues to be an issue, we’re going to keep addressing it. We want to use our platform to discuss issues that matter—Someone’s got to do it.”

He also talks about the leaders who are not helping the ones in need, even after having the power:

“If you’re in a position to help others, you should be using your position and power to do so. People have a right to education, to equal opportunities, to feel safe.”

This is not the first time that the band have raised their voices against the socio-political issues. The new track echoes the same call from the 2019 track “Rising Tide” featuring Shaun Allen of Nerve Damage.

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Photo courtesy of Sean Puxty

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