Video Premiere: Willis Willis – ‘French Cottage’

Willis Willis are sharing their new song and music video “French Cottage,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the video here:

Willis Willis is the new solo project from Jeremy Willis, formerly the front man for The Listeners and Cathy. Originally from New Orleans, Willis long time Brooklyn resident, is an acclaimed painter and one of the owners of popular Williamsburg night spot, Nicky’s Unisex.

Jeremy Willis shares some fun facts:

“I met the director, Dylan Mars Greenberg, at a Death Valley Girls show. DVG Bonnie is one of my oldest and best  friends and Dylan has made some great videos for them. Dylan and I immediately bonded over a shared love of the Philippines’ own little person James bond: Weng Weng.  Which might not be PC to mention. I dunno haha. I hand painted the t shirts that myself and my clones are wearing 20 minutes before the cast arrived and they were still wet when we started shooting. The bar setting is the bar I co-own and operate. Nicky’s Unisex in Williamsburg.  The whole cast are good pals. Including Sean Cole, one of the cohosts and producers of This American Life and Sarah Lyons who has written a couple of very cool books about witchcraft.

I have known Adam Green since around 2003. I’m pretty sure we first met backstage at a Libertines show (but those were blurry times ha). Adam put on the bald cap for the final scenes as a last minute decision. It happened naturally, as did the big group sing at the end. I painted all the paintings you see. Might make sense to include a link to my art website. I am adding a lot of work and redoing it now.”

During the quarantine, with the world of music completely shut down, Willis’ band The Listeners broke up. Feeling very inspired  but unable to play live with a band, he learned bass, drum-programming, keys, and how to record from home. Creating for the sheer joy of creation without an audience  brought fresh clarity and songs with a new depth and reach. Feeling that some live percussion would help complete the project, he enlisted drummer Tom Marsh. The two had been friends for many years and often talked of working together but Marsh was usually too busy playing as Lana Del Rey’s drummer, until now.

Mixing and recording engineer Abe Seiferth was brought in to bring it all together. A former house engineer for DFA records, he has worked on records for Car Seat Headrest, Nation of Language, and Guerilla Toss. Seiferth brought the project together and even played bass and pedal steel on a few songs.

Musical contributions also came from William Suran (Express Rising), Toni Lynn DeBueno (Josephine Network), Tommy Volume (Star Spangles), Ryne Ziemba, and Teddie Sinclair (Natalia Kills, Cruel Youth).

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Photo courtesy of Willis Willis

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