Video Premiere: Woke Up Older – ‘Long Way Down’

LA-based pop-punk quintet Woke Up Older present their new song and music video “Long Way Down,” produced, filmed, and edited by Luke Martin.

Watch the video here:

Drummer Luke Martin shares his thoughts:

“’Long Way Down’ is an anthem to the journeys that define us and an acknowledgement of the loved ones we have to say goodbye to along the way.”

Luke adds:

“’The Long Way Down’ music video is meant to capture the stories we live out after the death of those we love, and recognizing how they stay with us in unexpected ways, even as we push forward.”

Guitarist Jake Martin also shares his thoughts:

“’Long Way Down’ is a scream into the night. It’s about losing your direction after a catastrophic life event and letting go of your vision of the future.”

Jake adds:

“We’re huge on the DIY spirit. We wrote and tracked a lot of this record during the spring/summer of 2020 when the world was shut down. We were a bunch of broke college kids and recent grads with limited resources, but all of a sudden, we had free time and a garage to record in. Even the music video was Luke’s DIY project.

“You can’t do everything yourself, though, and we’re blessed to have super talented friends and professional connections. Jackie Scaramuzzo did all the artwork for ‘Such a Lonely Sound’ and the singles; it all ties in with the narrative in such a beautiful way. We were also lucky enough to have Casey Caveliere of The Wonder Years and True Level Studios mix this EP- it was massively helpful to work with him and have a trusted ear on the final sonic interpretation of these songs.”

Woke Up Older were formed in 2019. The band quickly made a huge impact on the California DIY scene with their anthemic songs and energetic singing in live performances. The band honed their axes back in the quarantine years and brought out a new dimension to their music, infusing the melodic sensibility of early 2000s anthem emo with the sprinted pace of the modern punk scene. Woke Up Older released their debut EP Such a Lonely Sound to much critical praise.

Woke Up Older

Woke Up Older:

Sebastian McAnulty – vocals
Scott Bolin – guitar
Jake Martin – guitar
Nick Martin – bass
Luke Martin – drums

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Photo courtesy of Woke Up Older

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