Video Spotlight: Chris Mardini – ‘Throw’

NYC alt-rock artist Chris Mardini is sharing his new video for “Throw,” and you can take a look right here at New Noise.

The new video follows the success of Mardini’s self-titled, debut album, which was met with critical acclaim after its release last year. He’s now pressing forward with a series of singles that continue his conversation of self-reflection alongside poetic social commentary.

The 20-year-old Mardini took up guitar at age 10 and began playing Beatles covers at iconic venues like The Bitter End. He’s set his soul-baring songwriting to a combination of elements: the urgency of classic alt-rock, the kinetic rhythms of underground hip-hop, and hypnotic vocal work of timeless singer/songwriters, like Jeff Buckley.

In the new video, Mardini is digging himself out of a grave, rejecting those who want to see him buried under the weight of labels and societal expectations. It fits right in with Mardini’s story, as he’s paved his own path in the music industry over the years, consistently rejecting traditional titles and roles looking to box him in.

Mardini opens up about the making of the video:

“The process of making this video was such a trip! From writing the O.G. treatment, to seeing the final cut version, this video was an absolute pleasure to facilitate. It’s been so rewarding to see my own, weird ideas come to life via a music video, even though I hate seeing myself on camera. To me, it has that perfect balance, in that it’s partially open to interpretation, but also conveys a real message that I truly value.”

Watch the video for “Throw” here:

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Photo courtesy of Chris Mardini

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