Video Spotlight: Lauren Lakis – ‘Leave Your Window Open’

Lauren Lakis is sharing her new song and music video, “Leave Your Window Open,” from the album A Fiesta and a Hell, which will be released on October 6 through Green Witch Recordings.

Watch the video here:

Lauren Lakis shares her thoughts:

“If you were to call, I would leave whoever I was with; I would depart whatever place I was in; I would drop everything I’m doing and return to you. My life belongs to you. Leave your window open, for me.”

In the music video, Lauren plays a reluctant vampire. She shares:

“She suffers when she stalks; she suffers when she doesn’t stalk, only deriving pleasure and satisfaction through the consumption of blood. But she doesn’t want to kill anyone! A monster with a conscience.”

Lauren Lakis


Written by Lauren Lakis
Produced by Modern Medicine
Mixed by Elliott Frazier
Mastered by Christopher Colbert
Drums by Pat Schowe
Bass by Charlie Cruz

Live Dates:

10/6 – Dallas – Three Links
10/11 – San Antonio – Studio E (live stream performance)
10/12 – San Antonio – Vice Versa
10/13 – Austin – Swan Dive
10/14 – Houston – Axelrad
10/26 – Long Beach – Alex’s Bar
10/29 – San Francisco – Neck of the Woods
11/1 – Los Angeles – Genghis Cohen

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Photo courtesy of Lauren Lakis

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