Video Spotlight: No Wake – ‘Oxygen’

New Jersey-based rockers No Wake formed after singer/songwriter Sunny Nogueira left his previous band, Dock Watch Hollow in the midst of the pandemic to focus on making a fresh LP of music. After Nogueira recruited drummer Timothy Shater, bassist Dan Connolly, and guitarist Val Kunz, he had the new band No Wake ready to go with their debut LP Wait, What? which is due out on June 5. Seamlessly blending grunge with post-hardcore, the band have created a unique sound all their own that’s become absolutely mesmerizing.

Today, we’re spotlighting the video for their song “Oxygen,” the fourth and final single off the upcoming album. We already had the pleasure of premiering the album’s single “Rewind” back in March, and now they’re back with more. “Oxygen” combines an emo sense of yearning with a grungy gruffness and a post-hardcore intensity to create something both powerful and engaging. The video depicts the band in a high-energy performance of the song that captures everything that makes this song exciting. Check out the video below:

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Photo courtesy of Dawn Point Studios

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