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Leave Your Mark is a small screen printing shop run by two best friends. They live for the art and support each other with it, including the heart of the DIY community. The shop was founded in South Florida in 2005 but moved to South City of St Louis. Leave Yourk Mark’s specialty lies in waterbased inks, which go from drum heads to merchandize to incredible posters. The duo that runs the shop are also in Staghorn, an elusive and surging force of instrumental music. Recently the duo moved out to the country to live closer to the land and focus on permaculture and homesteading. They built a shipping container home and shop and are now in a transition phase. They have launched a benefit with more from the two who run the shop below. Utilizing shipping containers like the ones at allowed them to create a unique and versatile living and business space.

Leave Your Mark Printshop

How can I begin to explain the events that have taken place this winter without sounding like a awful Lifetime special ( sorry to those who love daytime television ). Yes, we still have a sense of humor but we are coming to you all with heavy hearts and devastated morale. I’ll try to keep this short…

Backstory: Lexy and I moved to a farm owned by my ( Jared ) family. This was also fulfilling a lifelong dream to live a sustainable lifestyle.

We decided to uproot from our shop in St. Louis and move to the country to homestead and live a sustainable life through permaculture. We built a dream workshop and a Tiny home from a 40″ recycled shipping container. We raised 15 chickens and grew a beautiful garden and truly made a remarkable start to a life we have wanted for a long time. We invested every penny we had saved, and poured COUNTLESS hours into building everything ourselves. We also installed a waterline and established electric temporarily while we saved for a Solar grid.

A week before Christmas, we got home from our honeymoon. Shortly after we were informed that we were being evicted from the property. Being that we had no prior serious issues or conversations indicative of us not being welcomed there, we were floored.

We were simply chastised for practicing permaculture and sustainable homesteading techniques that they did not understand or care for.

Keep in mind, before we moved there, we had specifically explained our intentions and sought their approval at every move.

For example:

We created a beautiful self sufficient garden which could have fed the entire farm, however, they did not see our food being edible and rather shopped in town.

We raised chickens for their beautiful and healthy eggs, collected rain water, composted and built from recycled materials.

One thing that stood out to us was their hatred of a simple, neatly organized wood pile for our wood burning stove. (This is NEEDED for heat in winter!)

We made many compromises to our ethics to appease everyone on the farm.

This was not enough…

What are we out of? We have lost our home, our time, our efforts, our dreams, and ALL of our savings that were invested into that property. The only thing we could move was our HOUSE, in the middle of winter. We had to pay thousands to get a crane to pick it up and take it over to my mothers house over an hour away. Mind you, we had to do this over Winter vacation… We have essentially lost at LEAST $25,000 in investments and improvements we made to that land.

Thankfully, we had some relief in the wake of being forced off the land. We are currently staying at my moms house and have a temporary work setup. Our container home is parked in her driveway for the winter until we can figure out where we are building next. Unfortunately, this setup is not good for the work flow that we are used to, as well as inhibitions created because of harsh winter conditions..What I am saying is that we can barely work at this point, let alone make the money needed to even START building a new workshop in the Spring.

I wish we didn’t have to ask for help but we are truly devastated by all that has happened and it’s very difficult for us to work through without some help from our family, friends, and community.

We thank you all kindly for your support in our time of absolute need.

Lexy and Jared

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P.S. Staghorn are in the studio creating more music. This is not a drill.

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