Interview with Pulley vocalist Scott Radinsky | By John B. Moore

It’s been over a decade since California punk rock mainstays, Pulley, last put out an LP. It turns out life just got in the way for a little while. “We have been doing the same thing now for quite a while; families and jobs keep us pretty busy and on a schedule,” frontman Scott Radinsky says. Despite their time away from the scene, the band never called it quits. “There has not been a thought of taking any breaks or discontinuing that I’m aware of,” he adds.

While 12 years have gone by since their last full-length, Matters, Pulley are back with 10 new songs and sound just as relevant as they ever did. The new record, No Change in the Weather, came out Nov. 13 on Cyber Tracks.

The genesis of this new music dates back a few years ago. “The music for this record probably started a few years ago with some random riffs that eventually turned into songs,” Radinsky says. “At some point, we really honed in and picked apart the songs vocally and were ready to record.” The result is a pretty impressive collection of singalongs that harken back to 1999’s @#!* and 2001’s Together Again for the First Time.

Together for more than 20 years, Pulley have seen a few members come and go, but they are just as solid and even more confident than they have ever been. “I think it starts from the people you decide to surround yourself with. Even past members who’ve come and gone have always had a special place in the band,” Radinsky says. “There’s really only been a few of us. Due to our schedule, it has been amazing that we’ve always set aside time for Pulley season. There is no secret other than it’s been really fun to do.”

“I think, once you take out the ‘have to do it,’ it becomes more of a ‘want to do it,’ and now, it’s been an annual event for 20 years!” he adds.

The idea that his band would experience this kind of longevity never occurred to Radinsky when they first started. “I’m not sure anyone who starts a band wonders how far into the future to think,” he says. “You just hope the excitement keeps going and everyone keeps showing up to practice.”

For now, No Change in the Weather and some scattered live shows are how Pulley plan to celebrate their two decades together. But what’s next? “I would say, by this point, we have been pretty consistent, and I would expect pretty much the same,” Radinsky says. “It seems there’s a small place somewhere in music for us, in a small bar anywhere across America where we could scream through a PA feeding back. We happen to choose Tarzana, [California,] for free with our friends.”

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