“We’ve been lulled to sleep by petty dreams / We’re in love with things that we don’t need.”

The lyrics hit you the instant “Beautiful & Miserable,” the first track on Pulling Punches‘ new EP The Old Colors Are Dead, begins.

To say the new release from the Philly-based band is darker and more urgent in both its lyrics and its tone would be an understatement and a disservice.

While some recognizable elements of 2014’s Lighten Up, Burn It Down EP remain, Pulling Punches clearly went into the studio angry this time.

“I didn’t feel the need to mince words or play nice,” singer Michael Kennedy explains regarding the EP title. “We wanted to say something about the changes happening in this country; about how it’s harder for the average person to get ahead…. that the game is rigged.”

One thing remains the same, though, and that’s the band’s steadfast refusal to mimic their hardcore idols or to stoop down to expected scene cliches. Pulling Punches’ intent is to forge their own road.

The Old Colors Are Dead will be released on February 9 via Creep Records. The vinyl version of the EP is limited to a first press of just 250 copies on purple splatter, with a bonus track not available elsewhere. You can order the special version directly from the band by going here.

Pulling Punches continue to lure new fans with their explosive live show, which often ends with one band member or two sustaining cuts and bruises.

They have shared the stages with like-minded acts such as Boysetsfire, Iron Chic, Tim Barry, War on Women, Fuck You Pay Me, and are set to play their album release with Poison Idea and Iron Reagan at Voltage Lounge February 13.

Pulling Punches - The Old Colors Are Dead cover

The Old Colors Are Dead Track Listing:
1. Beautiful & Miserable
2. Quiet Suicides
3. With Stolen Words
4. On Architects and Archetypes
5. The Dangerous Business of Telling the Truth *Bonus/Vinyl only track

Tour Dates:
2/6 | The Other Side | Wilkes Barre, Pa.
2/13 | Voltage Lounge | Philadelphia, Pa. | EP Release Show with Poison Idea and Iron Reagan
3/17 | Sidebar | Baltimore, Md.
3/18 | Strange Matter| Richmond, Va.
3/19 | Dragon’s Den, Atlanta, Ga.
4/1 | Uncharted, Lowell, Ma.
4/2 | O’Briens, Boston, Ma.

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