News: Punk Legends Alkaline Trio Release ‘Versions of You’ rom Upcoming Album ‘Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs’

Alkaline Trio have dropped another banger, “Versions of You,” the third track from their 10th studio album BLOOD, HAIR, AND EYEBALLS out January 26 on Rise Records. Transcending beyond the trends, punk icons are deep diving into musical oblivion with this outstanding new music.

Since 1996, Alkaline Trio are known for their darker, heavier undertones and goth sound.  The Trio’s track record is nothing short of brilliant. I love all their albums, but I am living for their latest music!

Andriano, the band’s bassist and vocalist expressed about the lyrics from “Versions of You”: “This is a song about sorting through the rubble of a broken friendship and realizing there’s just nothing there to try and rebuild … that maybe the whole thing was artificial and driven by self-serving motives.”

This track is about the stark reality of fractured and ingenuine relationships. Alkaline Trio’s signature sound blends into this seductive and dark tale undoubtedly relatable to most. The album has a darker theme threaded throughout, encapsulating raw and real emotions. As long-time veterans of the music scene, Alkaline Trio cannot be broken. The music and lyrics delve into their life’s profound moments and experiences.

Andriano and guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba both deliver stellar skills along with GRAMMY winner Cameron Webb, “Versions of You” kicks off 2024 ominous and sinister style. Lyrically and sound-wise, it is pure genius, their best album yet!



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 Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner

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