Rare Breed Recording Co. and Paper + Plastick to Help Release of The Slackers LP

The Slackers‘ self-titled full length album will be supported by Rare Breed Recording Co. and Paper and Plastick. The Slackers release date is Feb 19th, 2016, and is also being released independently on their own Special Potato label after a successful crowdfunding campaign on www.bigtun.es.

The album is being co-distributed in the United States by Rare Breed Recording Co., in Europe by Brain Lab Groove, and in Japan by Just A Record. It will also be available online on the P+P Webstore, Spotify and Pandora. We are excited to be able to get involved!

Those hard working purveyors of Jamaican Rock n’ Roll known as The Slackers, have been in existence for a  quarter of a century now. This band, which started out rehearsing in a dingy basement on the lower east side, has gone on to become a legendary touring group and has been playing over a 100 concerts a year since 1997.

The Slackers will be starting their 25th anniversary celebration with a new album. If ‘Jamaican Rock n’ Roll’ is The Slackers’ trademark sound, this new album might be know as ‘Psychedelic Jamaican Rock N Roll.’  The influences of ‘Pet Sounds era’ Beach Boys, ‘Sgt Pepper era’ Beatles and other 60’s rockers are prominent in the blend.

Over the course of the year, the band will continue the celebration by doing rotating blocks of tunes from all 15 of their original albums in their live sets and developing special theme shows.The Slackers are currently booking dates for 2016 in North America, Europe, Japan and beyond for their 25th anniversary tour, in support of their new self-titled record. They will also be taking part in Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise, Rebellion Festivals, and Boomtown Festival.

The first song released from the new album is “Spin I’m In” (listen below). About the song, Dave Hillyard said, “The spin is your point of view and the spinning of the earth (time). On a layered album, its the simplest most direct tune. Just Vic’s voice, a little country reggae rhythm and little snippets of horns, keys, and backing vocals for color.”

The Slackers Track Listing:
1. The Boss
2. By the Time I Get to Sleep
3. Go Go Go!
4. Working Overtime
5. Spin I’m In
6. I Want to be Your Girl
7. Pockets of A Rich Man
8. Run Till We Can’t Outrun
9. Things I Can’t Forget
10. Truth Comes Knocking
11. Chewing On A Face
12. Spaceman

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