“‘Saddhu’ is taken from our new album called Hikaya, which means story/fable in Arabic. It’s a conceptual album following a girl through her purification process: she’s coming from a greedy place, ruled by demons & trying to reach the surface through purgatory until she reaches her moral revolution. She’s helped by a boy called Akhil. You can find a lot of interpretation and meaning through our visuals and lyrics.

In this album, ‘Saddhu’ (fifth track) is the name we gave to the free tribe of Akhil, it’s a ‘back to the roots’/’feel the earth’ song. Lyrically, it’s coming from Nilaya’s mouth, she’s processing the current state of the earth. Visually, we’re in a flashback where Akhil was in ritual with his father.”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Reach The Shore’s music video for “Saddhu” (watch it below). You can purchase Hikaya here.

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