Interview with vocalist Lydia Night, guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Sage Nicole, and drummer Maxx Morando | By Natalee Coloman

The Regrettes broke all the unspoken rules in the music industry. They signed with a major label within just a month of forming, sold out their first record release party and crushed gender stereotypes and societal norms– all before graduating high school.

Officially, the punk quartet met years ago while attending music school and played in separate bands before creating what is now considered a major sensation in the teen punk scene. With lyrics that feel brutally honest yet careless about teenage struggles such as acne, stretchmarks and finding your place in the world, The Regrettes have captured the attention of fellow peers and their parents.

“I feel like we are all at that age and that point in your life where you’re growing and changing as a person,” vocalist Lydia Night insights. “I think that really comes across in songwriting and our style, it would be very hard to make the same music that I made when I was twelve years old. You live more, so you grow more.”

Not only are The Regrettes skyrocketing with their fan base, they are also helping the older generations — such as their parents– grow to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Guitarist Genessa Gariano helped her mom realize she doesn’t have to wear makeup or a bra every day, whereas when her mom was a teenager that seemed almost unheard of.

“My mom grew up being told that she had to put on lipstick before she left the house,” Gariano says. “I taught her that isn’t necessary. I think that can translate in our music with the people who listen, hopefully they understand the message!”

Night reflects on her relationship with her mom, explaining that going out without freshly shaven legs doesn’t matter anymore– something embarrassing to her mother.

“I think it’s hard to listen to when it’s coming from your daughter,” Night admits. “But at the same time, my mom is getting more comfortable because I am more comfortable with myself. I think you learn a lot more about yourself when you have a child because you want to set a good example and make sure they are confident.”

Night started her music career learning to play guitar when she was just six years old with the support of her parents. Ten years later, she’s touring with her bandmates across the country, selling out shows and playing festivals such as  When We Were Young in Southern California and Riot Fest in Chicago. The band also released a split with labelmates Tegan and Sara, who the band listened to throughout high school, bassist Sage Nicole shares.

“We ended up meeting them at their album release and they were really sweet,” Nicole says. “It slowly kept building to the fact that they were going to do something with us and it ended up being the split, which was super surprising and fun.”

More surprisingly, the band sold out their first ever headlining show at The Echo in Los Angeles, which was also their record release show. “Everyone was there for us, which was so bizarre to me,” Night recalls. “It was really cool to see everyone freaking out over our music.”

Drummer Maxx Morando says another very important show for the band was in San Diego, California when the band played “You’re Gonna Hate This Fest” presented by The Frights. “This was our first festival and there were so many people there,” he mentions. “ I think for me that was an interesting breaking point. This was filled with people we didn’t know, unlike our record release party and everyone was digging us.”

This is only the beginning to a refreshingly different style in the alternative punk scene. The Regrettes are only looking up as they continue to sell out shows and expand their musical talents. It won’t be long until the band headlines the next major festival they just recently played as the opening set.

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