Renounced have just released their new single ‘The Rico Conspiracy’. The band will release their much anticipated third album Beauty is A Destructive Angel via Holy Roar Records out 27th September .

Renounced’s Beauty Is A Destructive Angel is what ‘The End of Heartache’ is to Killswitch Engage and what ‘You Come Before You’ is to Poison The Well. First track ‘Ghosts’ launches the listener into a false sense of security with disarmingly cathartic chords before cutting into the machine like drums of ‘Self Inflicted’ and Daniel Gray’s vocals cut through – “A Self inflicted wound, a self-fulfilling prophecy”.

Album high point ‘Calculated Risk’ has one of the catchiest guitar lead lines you’ll hear all year with a nostalgic acoustic outro. Feelings of melancholy and the long process of self-healing have never been so well represented in a metalcore album, both lyrically and sonically until now.



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