A Pale Horse Named Death land their newest album, When The World Becomes Undone, quite impressively. The lengthy work encompasses a range from sonically—and emotionally—massive gothic and industrial metal overtures to straightforward rock music, and each element blends essentially seamlessly into the next one. The record sounds like the band knew exactly what they were aiming to garner from their latest rounds of writing, and the result proves a strikingly cohesive work that hits the mark and then some for fans of sonically towering but emotionally driven rock music.

To be sure though, the band incorporate a broad range of textures, even including a handful of incredibly ominous “instrumental” tracks comprised of audio samples including some kind of near-mythical, apocalyptic hell only a step away from reality. Their entire latest work feels awash in that kind of high shooting ambition with the band routinely returning to a core of driving and sonically lofty guitar tones and vocal work that sounds drawn from some kind of dark cathedral.

They really set themselves apart with how focused they feel on maintaining a sense of driving and focused rock melody in the midst of their expansive presentation. They never get lost under the weight of their thematic or aesthetic concepts, instead letting their music—strange ethereal metal tones and all—hit the listener on a personal level. Vocalist Sal Abruscato weaves between dark tales of death and destruction and personal accounts of being drawn into anything from loss to love, while his vocals and the band’s instrumental work at large do remain truly accessible.

They’ve straddled a unique line between a number of different sections of the modern metal world, and in so doing they’ve ensured that their work will stick out. They have a clear eye for both memorable rock melody and metallic grandeur, marrying the two in a way that leaves both enjoyable. When The World Becomes Undone could appeal to fans of anything from straightforward modern rock to more alternative industrial metal, and that’s no small feat for A Pale Horse Named Death to be at once so focused and inviting as a band.

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