Aborted Fetus
The Art of Violent Torture
(Comatose Music)

The Art of Violent Torture marks the return for Russia’s Aborted Fetus. Off the bat this record flies forward with face melting intensity. With tracks that capture a medieval horror, there comes a mix of brutal and playful horror titles. While the album has moments that impress with technicality, as a package The Art of Violent Torture falls flat.

Drumming comes and goes with moments that stick out positively. With devastating speed and weight, this helps to establish dense horror. Tracks like “Hanged on the Hook by the Rib” begins with this subtle guitar intro that leads into a pounding delivery. The energy is heavy, and one of the few times where drums are the most effective. The guitar also finds moments to stand out with hellish thrills. “Boiled Alive” has the guitar taking a breather from the constant shredding to add a darkened flow (a small element but greatly welcomed).

The major issues with The Art of Violent Torture is that it primarily maintains a consistent level of instrumentation, barely enough variation in structure or sounds, and all comes off way too similar. With just blast beats and repetitive shredding that slams together, there isn’t a lot that is unique among all of this. As a whole it feels like one mushy pile. There are times where the band will add in slight changes to structure, but in using the same sounds and parts over again, they find themselves creating nothing new.

“Impalement” is one of the few songs that does stand out. At its core there is that pummeling drive, but surrounding that are great uses of shadowy rhythms, and unique alterations to drum patterns. Then there are tracks like “Pouring Molten Lead into a Throat”, which includes perhaps the best guitar work on the album with its whirlwind rhythm section and wicked solo. These two titles represent enough diversity in their structure to a leave just enough of a positive lasting effect on the listener.

Instrumentally the band comes together to create that sinister vibe from the record, but as far as the actual music, Aborted Fetus falls short of creating anything memorable. Unfortunately, the horror lyricism never comes through to aid, collapsing under the weight and consistent cycle of speed and relentless pounding. There are times when these factors can boost a work positively, but what stunts Aborted Fetus is that they rely solely on them, never attempting to spin anything else. The Art of Violent Torture displays moments of solid drumming and haunting rhythms, but overall makes for a repetitive record.

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