AFI is closing out 2018 with their forthcoming EP, The Missing Man, which is due for release on December 7 through Ex Noctem Nacimur Records. This time around, AFI found themselves writing songs during The Blood Tour in 2017, which led them to produce this record.

The Missing Man incorporates many variations of themes, as the EP is similar to their last two record releases, Burials (2013) and The Blood Album (2017). Overall, The Missing Man is a balance between raw and energetic melodies.

Track One: “Trash Bat” sways from melodic and choppy pre-choruses that lead into a short and sweet climatic chorus. This song is very similar to “Wild” off of Burials.

Track Two: “Breaking Angels” has a lot of energy, as it starts off with strong rhythms which leads straight to Havok’s singing. The pre-chorus and bridge of the song are uplifting and powerful.

Track Three: “Back Into the Sun” was one that I was indifferent with, but the choppy drum breakdowns throughout the song add a bit more character.

Track Four: “Get Dark” is built upon simplistic vocals, invigorating choruses, and melodic guitar riffs.

Track Five: “The Missing Man” immediately caught my attention. AFI takes a completely different direction with this song as they introduce dark and moody melodies, which compliment Havok’s vocals throughout the song. AFI is one of the very few bands who has successfully evolved their sound over the decades. The Missing Man solidifies this statement.

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