Finnish Symphonic metal band Amberian Dawn has done it again – dropped yet another full-length album. But don’t think for one second they are predictable, because Darkness of Eternity has everything an Amberian Dawn fan would expect it to have. It’s impressively catchy, dramatically abundant with infusions of poppiness making each song oh-so-addictive, with some ABBA-licious vibes and euphoric moodiness.

Darkness of Eternity features 11 tracks that will take your psyche for a ride from familiar fairy tale lands to the very dark corners of your own heart – like the beautifully poetic “Luna My Darling,” to the exquisite sounds of “Breathe Again” and the enchantingly beautiful vocals of front woman Capri in “Dragonflies.”

Since 2006, Amberian Dawn has recorded eight albums in total, each written and composed like a magical story or adventure with sadness and love, darkness and light. Like the flick of the wand, lyrics come to life, whispers soar to the sirens call and songs like “Symphony Nr. 1 part 2 – Darkness Of Eternity,” and “Ghostwoman” invokes an urgency to step outside of your own existence and explore life on another plane.

Purchase the album here.

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