TRIGGER WARNING: This band makes dark jokes about things the Trump Administration is doing which are repeated here in this article.

In this time of dark, political turmoil, laughter is almost necessary to get through some of the worst of it. No matter how grim and dark things get, we can at least rest assured that some good, angry punk and hardcore, and some good satire, are going to come out of the Trump Era.

In the case of Anal Trump, you get both. Not only did these dudes come up with the amazing idea of parodying Anal Cunt song titles as the perfect way to honor the late, great shock rock icon, they also do it pretty well, musically speaking.

Their first record, The First 100 Songs, contains such gems as “Make America Say Merry Christmas Again,” “Old People Are Gay,” and “Race Detector.” Much like band they are honoring, each song is a blast of grindcore fury, but there is a method to their madness, and you’ll actually find yourself headbanging along with some of their more repetitive tracks.

During times as dark as these, making light of the darkness can take away some of its power. And you know what else can take away power? Voting! So get out there. If you haven’t gotten your ballots in already, do it by the end of the day. Don’t let the bastards get you down!

Purchase the album here. 


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