Live records are a tough sell any day of the week, and when the genre is thrash / speed metal, that challenge gets ramped up even higher. But leave it to the true masters of metal mayhem, Anger As Art, to pull this feat off with their new release, Fast as Fuck!

First things the first. Is this record fast as fuck? It’s actually fucking faster. And fucking better than what you normally get with a live disc.  The production value is top-notch, which enhances the audio experience for the listener greatly.  I mention the production value for a reason. If the live sound is off, not crisp, lacking someone talented behind the board, live records are painful to endure.  This one isn’t.  Fast as Fuck! was produced and engineered by Ronald Sandoval, whose work includes the band’s previous release Ad Mortem Festinamus.

The sound, the clarity, really showcase how damn good Anger As Art are when they’re onstage doing what they do best: shredding eardrums with their unique brand of early-Slayer-meets-Exodus onslaught. Fast as Fuck! is a great snapshot into how truly aggressive and go-for-the-throat this band is live. You wanna talk about laying down the law; this record does just that.

Stand-out tunes include “Gods of Hate,” “Time Devours,” and “Head of the Snake.” Bonus studio tunes “Everybody Dies,” “Vicious Intent,” and “Matriarch” were recorded at Rev Studios in Chino, CA, during Summer 2018, and what a creative glimpse into ANGER AS ART’s future they are.  Fast.  Ass kicking.  Violent.  The 13 live tunes are spectacular.  The bonus songs are just icing on the cake making Fast as Fuck! a must buy.

Live records are often dicey when it comes to how well-represented a band’s discography actually are, but Fast as Fuck! really motivated me to go back and rediscover where this band came from and how well/much ANGER AS ART has evolved since the early days and how damn good they sound live.  As far as underground thrash records go, this is right up there with EXODUS’ Another Lesson in Violence (live).

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Theron Moore has been freelance writing since 1989 as a staff writer for SLAM Magazine (Stateline Area Magazine, Northern IL / Southern WI), and contributor to Jake Wiseley’s (Red Decibel Records) Sheet Metal Magazine. He’s also published zines Louder Than God, The Saint Vitus Press & Poetry Review, For Those About to Rock, and blogs Church of the Necronomicon and All My Friends Are Rock Stars (AMFARS). Moore has contributed music, & movie reviews, and artist interviews to websites, Wormwood Chronicles, The Sludgelord, New Noise Magazine and Metal Forces Magazine. He is the author of All My Friends Are Rock Stars, Volumes I-III; Gangsters, Harlots and Thieves; Belvidere, Books & Guns; Blood on the Screen, Blood on the Page; all titles available on Amazon.

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