Raise Your Expectations
(Invisible Hands)

If you were anywhere near a radio in 1985 you no doubt heard Animotion’s hit “Obsession.” Though the band had plenty of decent work after this fame, they were never able to hit the spotlight again, eventually fading into ’80s obscurity.

On their first album in almost 30 years, most of the band return with their original formula intact, plus some surprises. While the title track and many others are right in line with today’s dance and synth friendly pop, and it even ends on a remake of the 1984 hit “Let Him Go”, others are more gritty, bordering on adult oriented alt-rock. The band certainly don’t sound as if 3 decades have passed, and Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane’s distinct voices don’t either, as the veterans do an outstanding job on the ballads as well as the louder New Wave. If you’re looking for another “Obsession” you’ll be disappointed here, but there’s still plenty of memorable ’80s inspired rock songs with incredible production to be devoured.

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