Some people have undeniable chemistry with one another. Jeff Rosenstock (formerly of Bomb the Music Industry!) and Chris Farren (formerly of Fake Problems) are a perfect example.

Whether they’re exchanging endearing tweets with each other or discussing everything but LOST on their podcast about LOST, or making music together in their band, Antarctigo Vespucci, fans of Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Farren, know this: the two were made for each other. With their powers combined they are a super-team, and this has never been more clear than on Antarctigo Vespucci’s new album, Love in the Time of Email, out October 26 on Polyvinyl. 

Rosenstock and Farren are masters in the art of the hook and expert at writing pop punk anthems that are impossible not to dance to. So when the two of them collaborate, the result will almost certainly be catchy as all get out. The upbeat poppiness of Farren combined with Rosenstock’s ability to write big, epic anthems make songs like “Kimmy,” “Not Yours,” and “So Vivid!” thoroughly enjoyable.

When crafting their melodies, Antarctigo Vespucci aren’t stingy with their use of the xylophone, synthesizer, vocal harmonies, spazzy blast beats, and guitar solos, and with these tools they create a sound that can best be described as pure, heartwarming happiness. 

While the music is poppy and upbeat, the lyrics don’t shy away from heavier subject matter. The song “White Noise” addresses anxiety: “I’m a creature of  fear and the fear is a curse and if I’m cursed it can only get worse.” And on the dancey-yet-angsty track, “Do It Over,” Farren sings about feeling stuck:  “I thought my life was gonna change / But this year I stayed painfully the same.”

These lyrics make the album feel more honest. If Love in the Time of Email was nothing but bubblegum and blast beats, it would come across as a bit naive, especially given the current political climate. That’s the true beauty of this album and this band: the two best friends write fun loving songs without pretending that their anxieties and shortcomings don’t exist. Fans love them not only for their foot-tapping melodies but for their unwavering honesty. 

Purchase the album here. 


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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