For All Kings 7” Inch Vinyl Box Set
(Megaforce Records)

This unique collection of 7” inch records from Anthrax compiles each track from their 2016 For All Kings album into individual vinyl singles. Each disc features it’s own interesting (and in most cases impressive) artwork, often coincided with the raw demo versions of whichever song it’s for (though in some cases they are mysteriously omitted). “Monster at the End” and “Suzerain” still stand out as some of the strongest numbers here.

Aside from the songs included from said last album, there’s also some covers in the shape of Kansas’ “Carry On” and The Whites Stripes’ “Black Math,” as well as an unreleased track (or at least, unreleased in the U.S.) in the form of “Vice of the People,” all definitely worth checking out too. To some lesser fans this set may seem a tad overkill; but the die-hard thrash fans out there should eat this up willingly.

Purchase the box set here.

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